How to reach the Artist

A restless spirit-shares his cosmic quest for eternal harmony

How often can we look at paintings and become transported into soul searching journeys through the realms of cosmic energy and inspirational galactic Light ?

D'Anestis creates visionary landscapes of worlds once polluted by overcrowded technology, revisited by the enLightenment of the future.

He takes you on a cosmic quest through breath-stopping planets, unmarred by man and still connected to the pure Light of the universe.

False tranquility is invaded by turbulent flashes of energy illuminating the potential fertility of man-made wastelands.

Disturbing, soothing, dream-filled, mysterious- each scene awakens within us the knowledge of what has been and may still come.Yet each vision is heightened with hope. Each dimension melded with the cosmic Light of love's Eternal creation.

Artist trajectory by Rena Zorren

"In Brazil he was rich as child- poor throughout teenage- and then worked his way around the world any way he could. While Brazil was his home territory, his family's ethnic roots were Greco-Phoenician and on his travels, his soul responded to the ancient philosophies of Greece and the Eastern cultures.

From the age of 13 years, D'Anestis a independent and often stubborn child,knew he wanted to paint. At 21, he exchanged family responsibilities for his boyhood dream of going to Florence and studying the art of Michael Angelo and his contemporary Renaissance painters.His subsequent travels to the Island of Samos reconnected him to his Greek heritage and opened his soul to the timeless beauty of life's fulfillment through cosmic love. Monks in Tibet and teachers of ancient wisdom in India and Egypt advanced his soul's journey beyond the material and set him upon his quest for the essence of galactic unity. This sense of universal melding transports the dazzling light of tomorrow's visions onto his canvas while he paints – at his ranch in Minas Gerais, Brazil or at his studio in Vevey, Switzerland.

He has also collaborated with Jules Dassin, husband of the late, Greek Minister of Culture, Melina Mercouri, in his attempt to continue her work in retrieving for Grecce, Parthenon treasures such as the Elgin Marbles with the support of Unesco, D'Anestis created his own artistic representations of the lost treasures in a book which is being distributed to gain support for their return. "